Monday, 21 November 2011

Ⓥ The Great Vegusto No Moo "Cheese" Sauce Trial

Recently we were lucky enough to receive a couple of samples of Vegusto No Moo Sauce from Vegusto UK.

Now, I am a long time advocate of Engevita nutritional yeast flakes, which I use to make a great "cheese" sauce for one of my favourite dinners - Lasagna; so I was very interested to see how the No Moo Sauce compared.

The first obvious benefit from using No Moo Sauce rather than making an Engevita sauce was that all I had to do was open the packet and pour it out.

So, having already purchased some organic lasagna sheets, I made up a tomato sauce from some chopped garlic, onion, mushroom and pepper fried up with added tomato passata, frozen TVP mince and of course a good glug of vegan red wine.  After a quick layering of the two sauces and the pasta sheets, ending of course with some of the No Moo sauce, I bunged it into my oven and waited a long thirty minutes.  Gramondo has pointed out to me to mention that it did smell nice while cooking, and when I opened the oven I was pleasantly surprised to see that the No Moo sauce had bubbled and browned very nicely.

Now trying our best not to burn our mouths we tucked into the expertly made lasagna.  Our taste buds were not disappointed. Golden brown on the top and all melted and hot inside the sauce was very good indeed.  It was I must admit even tastier than my old friend Engevita.  Now not being an expert in conveying flavours of food into the written form, I feel as if all I can say from here is that I recommend you give the No Moo a go, and make sure you don't burn your mouth.