Friday, 11 May 2012

Ⓥ One vegan and two meat eaters destined to see the vegan light.

Here is a photo of myself and my sister Gillian in the early 1970s spending some quality time with a beautiful brown cow (i am the one with the bunches in the middle); but shockingly only hours later to happily eat meat and dairy fed to us by our parents.
The cow sadly would not have "enjoyed" many more years on this planet before being slaughtered. Luckily both my sister and I saw the vegan light and stopped participating in animal abuse over two decades ago now. But what I wonder triggers the individual to turn vegan, why are most humans missing that empathy that causes them to question what is thought of by the masses as normal, the slaughter and consumption of other sentient beings.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photo.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ⓥ Clear Spot Tofu for My Dinner

Recently I put in a wholefood order with Lembas, my local wholefood wholesalers. Amongst the various vegan delights was one of my favourites - Clear Spot Organic Tofu - As it says on the pack "The complete and versatile vegetable protein food". To me, it puts all other commercial "tofu" to shame. I have to hold back from eating it straight from the packet. Another bonus for me is that it is local to where I live, starting its life at R&R Tofu Ltd on a small industrial estate in Malton North Yorkshire.
R&R started producing their tofu in 1985, so are by now experts in everything tofu related.

So, anyway, I ordered half a case of the 450g packets expecting half a case - three packets to arrive. Due to a cock up on the Lembas front they delivered a whole case - six packets. Now there was a three week use by on the tofu and even though I do live on the edge when it comes to "use bys" choosing usually to use my own common sense and extend the "use by" by several days/weeks/months depending on the item in question. In this case I was aware that tofu can be a little bit of a stickler when it comes to when it wants to be eaten by.
So for the past two weeks I have made two cheesecakes, one spinach and tofu curry, butternut squash soup with added tofu and today a butternut squash spring onion and red pepper with satay sauce concoction with basmati rice.

So I thought I would pass on my knowledge of this wonderful tofu to anyone who wandered by and read this blog.