Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ⓥ A festive message from Peteronsax

As I begin to prepare tomorrow’s Christmas lunch, I realize how much my tastes have changed over the last 6 months - since giving up animal products. Now that I eat only what’s good for me, I really have developed a taste for it. For example, if I’ve eaten a lot of fruit and vegetables, I feel hunger for beans and peas, and also the other way around. My newly developed tastes lead me to a healthy and balanced diet. And I have almost no cravings for any animal products or their by-products.

In fact, I feel revolted when walking past the meat fridges in the supermarket. Other shoppers see beef and pork and lamb and chicken – while I just see mutilated dead bodies.

Yesterday in Aldi I imagined a fridge full of human body parts, skinned and deboned of course, except for the occasional severed hand and a head with the eyes still open. (I don’t think anyone else saw it).

To lighten my mood, I pictured a cartoon of a flesh-eating zombie, surrounded by human and non-human meat. And from his blood-stained mouth came the words “What! You don’t eat dead bodies? So where do you get your protein from?”

Merry Christmas and enjoy your Christmas lunch.