Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ⓥ The evolution of man

      Found this artwork showing the evolution of man (no images showing the evolution of woman, sorry).

Ⓥ Coalition attacked over wild animal circus ban failure

The Coalition was attacked by politicians from all three main parties in an emergency Commons debate yesterday over its failure to ban wild animals in circuses.
In a bruising 20-minute session, the Animal Welfare Minister Jim Paice admitted that he and Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, had misled MPs last week by suggesting there was a live legal challenge to a ban in Austria. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Soy condensed milk recipe for English toffee

Just looking through to find any recipes that include the soy condensed milk to see if its any good or not. Found this one on the cruelty free shop based in Australia. Looks like its just as good as the dairy condensed milk without the added cruelty. Can't wait to get hold of it. Mmm I think I'm starting to obsess about this condensed soy milk.

English Toffee

Robbie and I made this and the recipe works perfectly, the resulting toffee is just like I remember from childhood, absolutely delicious! It's brittle when you break it but turns super chewy in your mouth - yum!


1 can soy sweetened condensed milk

225g margarine

1 cup of golden syrup

2 cups of brown sugar


Put all ingredients in a medium sized saucepan and mix well

Bring to the boil and boil for 40 minutes, stirring constantly

After 40 minutes drop a small amount into a glass of water, if it goes hard then toffee is ready

Pour into a large greased baking tray

Mark off pieces before it sets

Leave in tray until cool and then leave in fridge until solid (only an hour or two)

This toffee is hard and brittle to start with then melts into chewy deliciousness in your mouth.


Ⓥ Pepe la poo and her new vegan cat food from "Ami"

On Wednesday we went to Lembas in Sheffield and spotted some vegan cat food produced by an Italian company called "Ami". It was just over £12 for 2 kilos, so similare to ordinary dry cat food. Pepe la poo was quite impressed with the vegan nibbles, even though to begin with they were mixed in with her usual food. You are advised to gradually suppliment the food until you replace the meat food altogether. I think that she has been well and truly conned into thinking that the cat food is meat. It has brewers yeast in the ingredients so i think that helps.


League against cruel sports anti hunting film

National Association of Burglars film shown to MPs
A film launched on wednesday night at the League's Summer Reception at the House of Commons hosted by Chris Williamson MP exposes the nonsense of the hunters' arguments for repeal of the Hunting Act. Our burglars claim that the Theft Act is unfair, breaches human rights, criminalises a traditional activity, and was passed by MPs who'd never been burgling; sound familiar?

 Spoof burglars film exposes hunters' arguments

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Breaking news - Condensed soy milk arriving in the UK 31st May 2011

At long last, soy condensed milk is nearly on our UK doorsteps, well your local wholefood shop at least. Not only one but two varieties, plain and caramel flavour. Its produced by a company called Olvebra.
Olvebra Industrial is a Brazilian company based in Eldorado do Sul, a county of the city of Porto Alegre.
It says on their website that they have made a commitment to Greenpeace not to purchase soy from the Amazons. It also guarantees the use of non GMO soy beans. It is of course 100% vegan. I'm told by Central supplies, the UK distributors that it has the same consistency and colour as dairy condensed milk. They also told me that it will be arriving into the UK on 31st May 2011. They have spoken with Holland and Barrett, Lembas, Suma and other wholesalers and there is a lot of interest to stock the product.

Soymilke Condensado is 100 % vegetable-made. Lactose free, cholesterol free, and trans fat free.

Packaging features:

Soymilke Condensado is sold in 10.58 oz containers

 The one and only Soy Caramel in the world! Soymilke Doce de Soja is made with non-GMO soybeans. Lactose free, cholesterol free, gluten free, and trans fat free.

Packaging features:

Soymilke Doce de Soja is sold in 11.64 oz containers

Sunday, 1 May 2011

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