Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ⓥ 10,000 visitor to the vegan chat room

As the 10,000 visitor to the vegan chat room prepares unknowingly to log on lets take a minute to interview the creator of the chat room, Gramondo.

When did go go vegan Gramondo?

I went vegan, oh God, erm, must be about 1994, how many years is that 17 years, 19 years at least.

When did you create the vegan chat room?

2008, do you want the exact month, October, as I did not know any other vegans I thought it would be a good way to meet some vegan girls "laughs", thumbs up so far.

How many hours have you spent working on the chat room do you think?

Christ, I do not know, I update it daily, I still have a few hundred vegan websites to add.

We have heard a lot about the prize for the 10,000 visitor, will you be presenting the prize personally?
"Thinks" that would depend on if the winner lives in outer Mongolia or some where like that. If its somewhere warm then I might consider it, with a beach, as its p*****g down here.

How many regular visitors do you have in the chat room?

We have some regular users from around the world and some quite irregular ones as well. Originally there were only one or two, but since version two of the chat room, with increased number of pages and sections this has lead to increased number of regular visitors which is increasing each week.

Are you a vegan problem solver, whats the strangest question you have been asked?

Someone came in wanting to know how to help her sons cheese addiction, but unfortunately I don't know of a cheese addiction rehab clinics, she was not impressed with my inability to help and stormed off never to be seen again.

What percentage of the visitors are vegan?

According to the vegan chat room poll, currently about 75% call them selves vegan. 

Do you think the vegan chat room helps new vegans stay on course?

Yes, because it contains links to products and advice. Quite a few of the regular visitors to the chat room are recently vegan so its good for them to have somewhere to talk about vegan issues. Quite often visitors to the vegan chat room have mentioned how isolated they are and quite a few do not even know any other vegans so coming here they can find new vegan friends and some one they can talk to about the vegan life style.

Finally, have you let this all go to your head, do you see yourself as the vegan chat room supreme master?

"laughs" whats the answer to that, erm, "coughs" yes I think I'm turning into a vegan Dr No, I'm currently sourcing islands round the world to start up a vegan kingdom. I currently have enough vegan funds to stand on a piece of land with one foot.

So, there you have it, Gramondo uncovered, well partially uncovered, as uncovered as much as we would like him to be anyway.

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