Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ⓥ Clear Spot Tofu for My Dinner

Recently I put in a wholefood order with Lembas, my local wholefood wholesalers. Amongst the various vegan delights was one of my favourites - Clear Spot Organic Tofu - As it says on the pack "The complete and versatile vegetable protein food". To me, it puts all other commercial "tofu" to shame. I have to hold back from eating it straight from the packet. Another bonus for me is that it is local to where I live, starting its life at R&R Tofu Ltd on a small industrial estate in Malton North Yorkshire.
R&R started producing their tofu in 1985, so are by now experts in everything tofu related.

So, anyway, I ordered half a case of the 450g packets expecting half a case - three packets to arrive. Due to a cock up on the Lembas front they delivered a whole case - six packets. Now there was a three week use by on the tofu and even though I do live on the edge when it comes to "use bys" choosing usually to use my own common sense and extend the "use by" by several days/weeks/months depending on the item in question. In this case I was aware that tofu can be a little bit of a stickler when it comes to when it wants to be eaten by.
So for the past two weeks I have made two cheesecakes, one spinach and tofu curry, butternut squash soup with added tofu and today a butternut squash spring onion and red pepper with satay sauce concoction with basmati rice.

So I thought I would pass on my knowledge of this wonderful tofu to anyone who wandered by and read this blog.

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