Thursday, 19 May 2011

Breaking news - Condensed soy milk arriving in the UK 31st May 2011

At long last, soy condensed milk is nearly on our UK doorsteps, well your local wholefood shop at least. Not only one but two varieties, plain and caramel flavour. Its produced by a company called Olvebra.
Olvebra Industrial is a Brazilian company based in Eldorado do Sul, a county of the city of Porto Alegre.
It says on their website that they have made a commitment to Greenpeace not to purchase soy from the Amazons. It also guarantees the use of non GMO soy beans. It is of course 100% vegan. I'm told by Central supplies, the UK distributors that it has the same consistency and colour as dairy condensed milk. They also told me that it will be arriving into the UK on 31st May 2011. They have spoken with Holland and Barrett, Lembas, Suma and other wholesalers and there is a lot of interest to stock the product.

Soymilke Condensado is 100 % vegetable-made. Lactose free, cholesterol free, and trans fat free.

Packaging features:

Soymilke Condensado is sold in 10.58 oz containers

 The one and only Soy Caramel in the world! Soymilke Doce de Soja is made with non-GMO soybeans. Lactose free, cholesterol free, gluten free, and trans fat free.

Packaging features:

Soymilke Doce de Soja is sold in 11.64 oz containers

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